Every one of us can be like a beautiful tree: a tree that grows, flows and shines in life.


What can I do for you?

The seed that is planted becomes the core, the branches and the fruits and flowers of our life. From planting a seed to become this unique tree takes courage, self awareness and time and once in a while this tree needs maintenance and support to grow, flow and shine again, from inside out. Tree Coaching is there to support you to grow, flow and shine.


As a transformative coach and trainer, I organize workshops on personal and professional development, privately and in companies


Walk 'n Talk

If you have something on your mind and you would like to talk and walk, contact me to make a date!


Instead of focussing how you act, as with life coaching, transformational coaching focus on the way you see yourself in different layers.

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A Calendar in PDF you can print at home and hang on your wall to be reminded everyday of doing something for yourself.


''Helen is a kind and wonderful person who coached me individually. Her coaching supported me to get to know myself better and to trust on my own intuition. I´m growing and there is a beautiful path laying in front of me. Thank you Helen for giving me the building blocks to build my path of goals.''