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Backpack off!

Do you know that feeling of taking off your backpack after a long hike, your shoulders grow 10 centimeters, the feeling that a load is literally falling off your shoulders and you feel free?

That was the feeling I got during my transformational journey. Before I started my backpack was heavy; broken promises, beliefs that I could not do things or things that were not for me, things that I was not, had not achieved. I felt that there were things that I had put in my backpack over the years, hindered my movements, my ideas and my happiness.

At the same time, my backpack also feels familiar, it has been there for a long time and it gives me the feeling of security. Without it, I would feel naked and vulnerable.

I wanted to take off my backpack, but didn't see how I could take this burden off my shoulders and continue with a lighter life.

A lighter life, what do you mean by that?

A life with energy and passion, doing things that make me happy, have less worries, appreciate small things and enjoy the now. Can embrace myself and be confident in life. You understand?

Together with a transformative coach, my backpack has become a lot lighter. First of all, a mirror was held up to me. “This is what you look like with your backpack on, is that how you see yourself? I looked tired with little energy and passion. I postponed my dreams and was unaware of my low energy and the beliefs that limited me.

A backpack, you can't just take it off, can you?

No, I first had to see what I had put in it. It is not without reason that I filled the backpack with things that had meaning at the time. So we did!. Together we dived into the backpack; everything was touched, looked at and felt. Like the cleanup guru Maria Condo’s approach, we took everything through our hands to experience whether it sparkles or not.

What have you discovered?

All that I put in my backpack I took for granted and had come to see as my truth. I learned to look at my actions and behaviors. And by digging under the surface, facing my beliefs, thoughts and interpretations that I have built up for the last 40 years, I learned where they came from. They became my truth from where I operate from, taking actions which lead to my results.

“Repeating the same actions will lead to the same results”
Ah, so I am the KEY for living a lighter life!

Transformational coaching is not about fixing problems, because you are not broken. It is about unlearning the thoughts, habits and beliefs you made your truth not working for you along the way and replacing them by empowering and inspiring ways of being that will lead you to become the version of yourself that is in line with the purpose you have for yourself.

Finding my purpose, I became a transformational coach myself. I have focus, power, tools and insight in who I am and what my impact is on others. I made a contract with myself, being a self-loving, risk-taking and passionate woman, what gives me each and every moment the opportunity to fulfill my dreams and make it a reality.

What has this journey required of me?

Me being curious, open, courageous, willing to go deep and face my fears and darkest places. That is necessary to open up possibilities to redesign my truth, as if I put on other glasses. Was it easy? No! Was it valuable? Yes. It gave me another perspective what made my life a lot lighter. Like the song descibes:

I can see clearly now the rain is gone,

I can see all obstacles in my way.

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind.

It's gonna be a bright sunshiny day.

Do you have a backpack that need some Maria Condo work? Let's dive together into it and make your life a lighter place! Helen

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