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Hi there, I’m Helen

I was born in 1972 in Zeist, The Netherlands, grew up there, studied and started working in The Netherlands. In 2011 we moved to Istanboel to experience living

abroad. After almost 4 years we exchanged Istanboel for Stockholm. Since summer 2021 I live and work in The Netherlands. Although living 'at home' my work field will always be focussed on the international community.


A little story how I became a transformative coach

When I started practicing yoga years ago I experienced a lot of joy and freedom while doing it. The body was working hard and I was exploring the edges of what was possible and stretched over the edge to see if I could go beyond. 

Doing so, several times I hit my own mind telling me how hard it was, that it was not for me, that my neighbour was better and that I could not do it. 

So, once during a yoga lesson, after over 100 attempts going up for a back bench, (you know the bridge small children make with their body, stretching the body all backward on hands and feet): I was lying on my back, hands beside the ears, feet on the ground near my butt. The teacher was telling what to do and I was chatting with my neighbour. Suddenly I heard my teacher say '...and get up!' So I did! I was thrilled and screamed out load: YES. But what made the difference that it did work this time and not the earlier attempts?

It was the mind NOT thinking, my mind did not get the chance to come in between me and the body because I was distracted by the conversation with my friend next to me.

This life experience got my full attention. How could I stop my mind from obstructing me from the things I like to do? How does that work? And most important how can I transform my ways of being that are not benefitting me in a  healthy way, so I can grow, flow and shine into my full potential?

Transformative coaching brought me all I need to chase this goal, however it is a lifetime process and needs work every day. Becoming a transformative coach has given me purpose in life that helps me to follow my vision for the world.

My Vision

My vision is that we all can grow, flow and shine as a beautiful tree in the world. This means you

  • are curious and want to grow

  • uncover your true purpose

  • are willing to flow and rely on your own intuition and behaviour

  • want to connect…

… so you will be the beautiful tree in your life.

Education & Certifications

I am registered at The Certified Coaches Alliance with registration number: 756491



  • English

  • Dutch

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